Take control of your databases... in minutes

Aireforge Studio contains a growing suite of tools that help administrators to stabilize, optimize & secure multiple database instances with ease. Be it, keeping two instances in sync for recovery purposes or synchronizing the settings of over 200 replication subscribers; our tools will help.

Aireforge Studio

With 39 preconfigured comparisons and the ability to create your own, Aireforge Studio will help you to standardize your instance and database configurations. Improving the performance, stability and ease of management of your systems.


Estate Management

Manually add or import servers into Aireforge Studio from SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Browser, CSV or from a table. The servers can then be placed into a single or multiple categories and tags.

Compare 2 or 200 Instances

Select the servers or server groups you wish to compare then choose between a full comparison, individual checks or export the comparison for use with CLI. You can also add your own custom comparisons and categories.

Summary View

Use the summary view to quickly identify servers that are different. Highlight cells to open a filtered grid view of the results. If no differences are found, nothing will be displayed.

Grid View

The grid view provides a detailed view of the comparison results, allowing you to change which server the estate should be compared against or view all of the results by changing the results filter from Differences Only to All.

Custom Comparisons

Create your own custom comparisons to check almost anything in SQL Server, from table row counts or DMV just release in the latest service pack? You can also share these comparisons with colleagues and the community.

OmniCompare CLI

OmniCompare CLI enables comparisons to be performed via the command-line interface, enabling integrations with 3rd party applications, such as software deployment software, SQL Server Agent or custom scripts.

Aireforge Studio

Feature Free Standard
Quickly compare multiple AzureDB & SQL Server instances
  • Instance \ configuration settings
  • Database settings and objects
  • Versions, editions, service packs & cumulative updates
  • Users, permissions and service accounts
  • SQL Agent jobs and settings
  • Database settings and objects
  • Assemblies, triggers and endpoints
Command line interface for comparisons
Advanced comparison features
  • Custom comparisons
  • Save comparison snapshots
  • Compare against saved snapshots
Centrally optimize your entire SQL Server estate
  • Identify common configuration issues with SQL Server and Windows
  • Identify and address unused, duplicated, missing and inefficient indexes
  • Central index and statistics management
  • Identify indexes with non-standard settings
  • Highlight frequently fragmented indexes
  • Identify common configuration issues with SQL Server and Windows
Import servers from SSMS, SQL Browser, CSV or a table
Redgate SQL Compare integration
Support for SQL Server 2008 – 2016 & AzureDB
Works with SQL Server 2005 (unsupported)
Monthly subscription (per user)
Year licence (per user)
Limited | Included