Simplified Database Management

with Aireforge Studio

Aireforge Studio is an application for database professionals. Use it to analyze, secure, synchronize and tune your SQL Server & Azure SQL databases.


Discover your servers' secrets.

You can’t fix a problem if you can’t find it. Let Aireforge Studio be your co-pilot and analyze your servers for unexpected issues. Identify differences between servers that could be slowing you down and get expert advice on what to search for to maximize performance, efficiency, stability and security.


Deploy changes with confidence.

It’s great when someone has your back. Take suggested actions from industry leaders with optional background reading to enhance your knowledge. You can also use the application to run your own choice of multi scripts across your entire estate.


Take control of your entire estate.

Become all-powerful and monitor, secure and compare unlimited servers from one place. Bulk import your information and use your own categories to make your workspace meaningful and manageable.