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Version 1.0.7 (23 June 2017)

If you need any help using Aireforge Studio, please contact us or raise a request via Service Desk. Also, if you think we need to improve a feature or have an idea for a new one please raise it via our Wantoo Board.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Vista SP2
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • WSVGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor

Release Notes

Latest Release

Version 1.0.7

Module Description Version
Advise Improvements to resolve painting issues and improve the performance. v.1.0.6
Advise Advise checks for old backup information that should be cleared down. v.1.0.6
General Resolved non HTTPS font issue with changelog page. v.1.0.6
General It's now possible to quickly add servers to the Estate from a free-text list of addresses, using the new Import -> Text option. v.1.0.6
General External changes to profiles and comparisons are now detected, and the user is given the opportunity to load the changed files. v.1.0.6
Advise Advise now checks for sys.configuration records where the value_in_use differs from the value. v.1.0.6
Tune Renamed Tune to Advise. v.1.0.6
Tune Resolved a performance issue with Tune whilst obtaining index fragmentation information. v.1.0.5
Tune Fixed a bug where filestream files were counted as log files. v.1.0.4
Tune We no longer check growth settings for filestream data files. v.1.0.4
Tune Fixed a database check for 2012 and before. v.1.0.4
Tune Fixed a bug with DROP USER scripts. v.1.0.3
Tune Fixed a bug with incorrect MAXDOP recommendations. v.1.0.3
Tune Ability to Analyze Instances. v.1.0.2
Tune Ability to Analyze Databases. v.1.0.2
General Automatic version checking now delayed slightly after app startup, so it won't happen before the first form is shown. v.1.0.2
General When adding a SQL Server instance on the local host, it will automatically test all connection protocols. v.1.0.2
General Changed all web links to HTTPS. v.1.0.2
Tune In-memory tables now ignored completely (until we decide how to handle them correctly). v.1.0.2
General Server tags can now be coloured (e.g. red for Production, green for Test, etc.). v.1.0.2
General The Delete button on the login dialog will now correctly delete the selected profile. v.1.0.2
Compare Added support for SQL Server 2017. v.1.0.2
General Fixed a website problem with the host comparison updates. v.1.0.2
Tune The View SQL dialog now has a Copy to clipboard button to copy the entire script. v.1.0.2
Tune The Tune UI has been redesigned to present new instance and database tuning options, which check things like memory settings and data files. v.1.0.2
Tune A bug where Tune recommended making an index unique when it shouldn't have, has been fixed. v.1.0.2
General The License Key will no longer be shown on the Licensing dialog. v.1.0.2
General Error handling around blank temporary files. v.1.0.1
Tune The first functionality in the Tune module is now available! You can use it to analyze table schema and indexes! v.1.0.0
Tune Index tune will no longer suggest using a disabled index over an existing non-disabled one. v.1.0.0
Tune Index tune will suggest dropping disabled indexes. v.1.0.0
Tune Index tune will suggest dropping and recreating indexes with additional included columns, to make other indexes redundant. v.1.0.0
Tune Schema tune will no longer suggest renaming bit columns. v.1.0.0
Tune There's a new Custom button on the Tune tab, allowing more control over the tune analysis. v.1.0.0
Tune Tune analysis will now scale the number of threads used according to the number of cores on the PC, rather than using a fixed number of threads. v.1.0.0
Estate Drag and drop in the tag configuration dialog works again. v.1.0.0
Estate New profiles will automatically have four tags created by default, so new users have something to start from. v.1.0.0
Estate The Delete key will delete the selected servers (with a confirmation question first). v.1.0.0
Estate A new "Add Server..." option is now available on the right-click of the tag tree. v.1.0.0
Estate When adding an Azure SQL database, the network protocol option now disables named pipes and shared memory as TCP/IP is the only option. v.1.0.0
Estate When adding a new server, it's now possible to set the time-out and SSL encryption settings. v.1.0.0
Estate When adding a new server and specifying an overriding connection string, the connection string is validated when the OK is pressed. v.1.0.0
Estate When adding a new server, it's possible to set a colour against it. This colour is then shown everywhere that server is. v.1.0.0
Estate A display bug, where renaming a tag didn't update the tags column in the Estate view, has been fixed. v.1.0.0
Compare Selecting a comparison category from the results summary will now correctly update the category filter combo box. v.1.0.0
Compare Bugs in both hiding comparison results and suppressing comparison warnings are fixed. v.1.0.0
Compare Comparisons will now scale the number of threads used according to the number of cores on the PC, rather than using a fixed number of threads. v.1.0.0
Compare A new "Repeat" button on the comparison results tab allows re-running the comparison again with all the same details. v.1.0.0
Compare If a comparison fails, two new buttons are shown to allow retrying the comparison or running again but with just the servers that were successful. v.1.0.0
Compare Comparison tabs are added in order now, so Comparison 2 is to the right of Comparison 1 etc. v.1.0.0
Compare The button to load a past snapshot now has a drop down, listing recently saved snapshots. v.1.0.0
Compare Comparison file updates are now downloaded from the Aireforge web server, so comparison updates no longer require product releases. v.1.0.0
Compare Custom comparisons can be configured to ensure a value is in or outside of a specific range. v.1.0.0
Compare Custom comparisons can be configured to ensure a value is equal or near another value in the same result set (e.g. to ensure a configuration value_in_use is the same as the value). v.1.0.0
Compare New right-click menu on comparisons table on the Compare tab, allowing easy editing and creation of comparisons. v.1.0.0
Compare When editing a comparison, a new "Test" button allows direct running of the query against a server and uses the result set to populate the columns table. v.1.0.0
Compare A bug that prevented the mouse wheel working on the comparison results combo box filter is fixed. v.1.0.0
General Buttons for connecting to Aireforge Server have been removed. v.1.0.0
General Buttons for Twitter and LinkedIn have been added to the Help tab. v.1.0.0
General Log file naming has been changed to include the date and time in the file name itself. v.1.0.0
General The login window has a checkbox to make it automatically log in with the same profile each time. v.1.0.0
General New checkbox on the Settings dialog to disable automatic version checking, for use in environments without internet access. v.1.0.0
General Application updates are downloaded in the application itself, prompting for a restart when complete. v.1.0.0
General A bug that caused an exception when closing the app has been fixed. v.1.0.0

Previous Releases

Beta 0.9.9 (Jan 2017)

Area Description Version
Compare Fixed an issue with comparing job steps when proxies are used. b.0.9.9
Compare Custom comparisons now support smarter rules for comparing between snapshots, such as requiring values to be with a percentage of each other or above/below set numbers. b.0.9.7
Compare Default comparisons updated to reduce noise and make use of new comparison options. b.0.9.7
Compare The Compare tab will remember the checked servers and comparisons between sessions. b.0.9.7
Compare Comparison results tabs have a search field, allowing free-text filtering of result rows. b.0.9.7
Compare Comparisons no longer abort after encountering an errors such as missing or offline databases. Only failure to open a connection causes comparisons to abort. b.0.9.7
General OmniCompare has been renamed to Aireforge Studio. b.0.9.5
General Major UI redesign to allow for more functionality, including support links. b.0.9.5
General It is now possible to swap between profiles using the new Profile button shown in the top left. b.0.9.5
General Profiles can also be renamed, using a new option in the Profiles menu. b.0.9.5
General Profiles passwords can also be set, changed or removed, using a second new option in the Profiles menu. b.0.9.5
General When manually adding a server, it will automatically set the display name to be the same as the server address. The server address can still be edited. b.0.9.5
General When testing connections, a new dialog is shown to give better feedback of progress. b.0.9.5
General When importing servers from SQL Browser, it carries instance names over into OmniCompare properly and will automatically detect the SQL Server version if possible. b.0.9.5
General When importing servers from a SQL table, it's now possible to specify an ad-hoc server, that isn't already in the profile. b.0.9.5
General When importing servers from SSMS, it will now import custom server names and network protocols and SQL user names. b.0.9.5
General When importing servers from any source, it will show a summary dialog, allowing final selection of the servers to import and perform connection tests. b.0.9.5
General When creating new profiles, application settings, and saved comparisons will all default to going in the Windows user data folder, rather than the application data folder. b.0.9.5
General It will be possible to store passwords in non-password protected profile files. A visible warning is shown when doing so, to remind that the profile file itself should be kept secure. b.0.9.5
Compare Whether the results tabs default to the summary or grid view can be set on the Settings dialog. b.0.9.5
Compare The results summary view now obeys the same filters as the results grid. b.0.9.5
Compare A bug in with the "differences only" option has been fixed, so it no longer shows rows without differences. b.0.9.5
Compare Servers can be reordered using the "Custom" button (the same dialog used to filter servers in and out). b.0.9.5
Compare It is possible to edit and add new comparisons. b.0.9.5
Compare It's now possible to compare more than one snapshot against each other. When viewing snapshot results, a new load button allows adding previous snapshot data to the results, and additional filter options allow comparing each server in the results against its own earliest or most recent instance, rather than against a specific server. b.0.9.5
CLI OmniCompareCli.exe is now a standalone .exe that can be copied and run from anywhere, without needing any other dlls. b.0.9.5
General Does not support multiple instances during import b.0.9.4
General Improvements to importing servers from SSMS b.0.9.4
General Set friendly name to machine name if none is set b.0.9.4
Compare Improve keyboard scrolling speed on summary grid b.0.9.4
Compare Clean up scripts, naming and ordering b.0.9.4
General Remember password during the sessions b.0.9.4
Compare Remove tempdb temporary tables from Database Objects comparison b.0.9.4
Compare Works with SQL Server 2005 (not supported) b.0.9.4
Compare Server Permissions comparison duplicated b.0.9.4
Compare Fixed issue with index counts in Database Objects comparison b.0.9.4
Compare Fixed duplication of Azure comparisons from the 0.9.2 release b.0.9.3
Compare Fixed an issue with inaccessible databases (log shipped, offline etc.). b.0.9.2
Compare New comparisons. Registry check for network and start up settings . b.0.9.2
Compare Minor changes to existing comparisons and reordering to improve usability. b.0.9.2
General Connection tests are now automatically performed when adding or amending a server. If the connection test fails, it's still possible to add the server, but this should help prevent adding or amending servers that are invalid. b.0.9.2
General When testing connections from the main table of servers, it will also validate that the server type/version is set correctly. b.0.9.2
CLI A new button has been added to the results tabs, to create a payload file for OmniCompareCLI. This payload file can then be used to run OmniCompareCLI, comparing those same servers from a script of SQL Server Agent job. b.0.9.2
CLI Command line interface for OmniCompare. b.0.9.1
Compare Fixed several small bugs in comparisons. b.0.9.1
General Added better error handling when SQL Server connections times out. b.0.9.1
General When adding a new server, the user is encouraged to test the connection. b.0.9.1
General Testing the connection, when adding a new server, will detect the SQL Server version and correct it on the dialog if necessary. b.0.9.1
General Option to specify the default database has been removed . b.0.9.1
Compare Fixed a bug with irregular database names (spaces etc.). b.0.9.1
Compare Renamed Azure DB to AzureDB. b.0.9.1
Compare New comparison. OS information such as patch levels, CPU counts, worker threads, VM info etc. b.0.9.1
Compare New Comparison. Plan guides b.0.9.1
Compare Increased the number of comparisons for AzureDB. b.0.9.1
Compare General tidy up of names and text. b.0.9.1
Compare Fixed a major bug with property comparisons where they didn't return results. b.0.9.1
Compare Fixed bug with SQL Server Agent job comparisons where jobs with the same but different IDs didn't compare. b.0.9.1
Compare Fixed a bug where server properties and database counts could not be ignored from comparisons. b.0.9.1
Compare Removed noise (unnecessary fields) from comparison results. b.0.9.1
Compare Main UI has been updated to present the servers and available comparisons at the same time, so less use of dialogs. Clicking the "Full" button will run all applicable comparisons, and the "Custom" button will run just the ticked comparisons. b.0.9.0
General Tags filter now works differently, using a pre-configured hierarchy of tags rather than just a list. Tags can be configured when adding servers, or via the right-click option on the table of servers. b.0.9.0
General SQL Servers must now have their specific version set (e.g. 2008, 2012) to allow the comparisons to run only suitable SQL for that version. b.0.9.0
Compare Results default to showing differences only. b.0.9.0
Compare Server ID 0 for Registered Servers is no longer compared, since this always refers to the local server. b.0.9.0
Compare The version comparison now properly displays all the result of the @@VERSION command, including build version. b.0.9.0
Compare New comparison. SQL Server trace flags b.0.9.0
General Bug preventing connecting via shared memory or named pipes has been fixed. b.0.9.0
General Layout of the Add Server dialog has been simplified, with the separate port and instance name fields removed. b.0.9.0
General The Connection String column is now hidden by default. It can be shown by right-clicking on any of the column headers on the table of servers. b.0.9.0
Compare The Jobs comparison has been split into three separate comparisons, one for the job properties, one for the job steps and one for the job schedules. b.0.9.0
Compare There are six new comparisons for different aspects of the SQL Server Agent, including current running state, operators, notifications. b.0.9.0
Compare There are new comparisons on databases, checking counts of database schemas, tables etc. and comparing user-defined types and filegroups. b.0.9.0
Compare Comparison of users has been improved, with three new separate comparisons for database users, instance logins, and permissions. b.0.9.0
General Incompatibility issues with SQL Server 2008 have been fixed, so SQL not supported until 2008 R2 won't be run against it. b.0.9.0
Compare The summary view on the results tab has been completely redesigned. b.0.9.0
Note: Unfortunately, previously saved snapshots cannot be loaded. As we approach the official 1.0 release, backwards compatibility for old snapshot versions will be maintained.

Beta 0.8 (June 2016)

Area Description Version
General Better error handling during startup. b.0.8.2
General Additional logging added to diagnose exceptions during startup. b.0.8.2
General Added white border to app icon, so it's clearer against blue desktops. b.0.8.2
General Exception when swapping back to the main server tab has been fixed. b.0.8.1
General Change to how error reports are sent. b.0.8.1
General Fixed an occasional crash to desktop when network connectivity lost or patchy. b.0.8.0
General The Auto-connect toggle button setting moved to from main toolbar to Settings dialog. b.0.8.0
General The right-click menu on the table of Servers has changed, removing the "compare..." options and adding "select..." options. b.0.8.0
General Tag filter tree changed, to work in a (hopefully) more intuitive manner, making it clear what servers are selected and making it much easier to select servers by tag. b.0.8.0
Compare Main toolbar "Compare" button now shows count of servers that will be compared. b.0.8.0
General Count of displayed servers now shown in bottom right of main window. b.0.8.0
Compare The summary view on the results tab has been completely redesigned. b.0.8.0
Note: Due to the company rename a number of application settings have been reset. If you have been using profile files (*.aad) outside the main application folder, then these will not be automatically detected by the logon form. The files will still work and exist, but may need to be manually located by using "open other" option on the logon form.

Beta 0.7 (May 2016)

Area Description Version
Compare The @@SERVERNAME comparison now shows a tooltip giving the expected server name. b.0.7.0
Compare Comparisons are now performed case insensitive, so "DOMAIN" and "domain" won't flag up as a difference. b.0.7.0
Compare Up to 200 servers can now be compared (up from 100). b.0.7.0
General Settings are now be persisted between version upgrades. b.0.7.0
General When exceptions are raised, an option to automatically send the report is shown. b.0.7.0
Comapre The results tab has a new option: Export to CSV. b.0.7.0
Compare The summary view on the results tab has been completely redesigned. b.0.7.0
Compare A new button on the summary view allows filtering the servers displayed. b.0.7.0

Beta 0.6 (April 2016)

Area Description Version
Compare OmniCompare will now work against Azure SQL Database, comparing firewall rules, resource usage and a few other things. When a server is added, the server type must be specified (SQL Server or Azure), which is then used to filter the available comparison options. Comparing a SQL Server against an Azure one will only compare things the two platforms have in common (e.g. sys.databases). b.0.6.0
General The Settings -> About page now has a button to display the change log. b.0.6.0
General Running with -r or -reset startup parameter will reset all settings (it won't delete or affect any configured servers). b.0.6.0
General Running with -a or -auto startup parameter will cause it to automatically select the last used profile, bypassing the logon form. If the last used profile requires a password, then the logon form will still be shown, unless combined with the following parameter. b.0.6.0
General Running with a -p=<pass> or -password=<pass> startup parameter will pre-fill the password field on the logon form. Obviously, this means the shortcut will contain your password, so use at your own risk! b.0.6.0
Compare Results now clearly differentiate between NULL and empty values. b.0.6.0
Compare The Custom Compare dialog now remembers the last selected options and has buttons to quickly Select All, Invert or Clear the selection. b.0.6.0
General A bug on the Settings -> Hidden Results page that prevented the buttons working is fixed. b.0.6.0

Beta 0.5 (April 2016)

Area Description Version
Compare Fixed a bug when saving results. b.0.5.0
Compare Updated the ignore list. b.0.5.0

Beta 0.4 (April 2016)

Area Description Version
General Renamed to OmniCompare. b.0.4.0
General Installer now configures file associations for APP files. b.0.4.0
General Dragging an AAP file over the main window will cause it to open that file as a new tab. b.0.4.0
General Launching the app from an AAP file now opens that result tab, once onto the main window. b.0.4.0
General Double-clicking an AAP file while already running OmniCompare will open the file in the existing instance rather than starting a new one. b.0.4.0
Compare Server property results are now compared. b.0.4.0
Compare Database files are now compared. b.0.4.0
Compare The main servers table now uses checkboxes to select servers for comparison (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+I and Ctrl+\ shortcuts work). b.0.4.0
General There's now an "Import from DB table..." option, which prompts for a db and table name and then reads in a table to create new servers. b.0.4.0
General Can now multi-select result rows and hide them in one go. b.0.4.0
Compare The results table now has slightly different columns: Object (e.g. database or job name), Sub-Object (e.g. job step) and Property. b.0.4.0
Compare It no longer flags up differences if the only difference is the server name (@@SERVERNAME). b.0.4.0

Beta 0.3 (February 2016)

Area Description Version
General Can now import from SSMS, SQL Browser and CSV. b.0.3.0
General Can update the security details of multiple servers via right-click menu. b.0.3.0
Compare Summary table is capped at 50% of the window height. b.0.3.0
General Saved data is now compressed. b.0.3.0
General You can add/remove/change tags on multiple servers via right-click menu. b.0.3.0
General New splash screen. b.0.3.0
General New icon. b.0.3.0