Aireforge Studio is a Windows application packed full of powerful tools for managing your SQL Server and Azure SQL databases. Split into four modules, each has a different strength to help you master all elements of server management: Advise, Compare, Estate and Script. Find your solution today.


Make tuning simple with your own co-pilot. Catch issues before impact with Advise’s vast range of checks. Find out what’s a priority in a clear, color-coded view. Get suggested solutions from the experts. Enhance your own knowledge. Deploy changes in a few easy steps.

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Key features

Intelligent Index Management

  • Detect missing, fragmented, disabled, unused, duplicate and overlapping indexes.
  • Optimize performance with advice on where you can add, amend or replace indexes.
  • Make your indexes meaningful with an option to enforce naming conventions, helping you to organize your data and make future troubleshooting easier.

Index analysis

  • Run a deep analysis of your instances from network connections to database.
  • Check security, speed and setup.
  • Analyse your settings to ensure they’re working for you, not against you.

Advise options
Prioritized Warnings

  • View analysis results in a prioritized, colour coded screen.
  • Tackle issues in the right order and catch performance issues before impact.

Analysis results
Tailored Feedback

  • Receive tailored advice on the issues affecting your servers.
  • Discover why issues have been flagged, supported by Aireforge’s knowledge and backed by supporting articles from Microsoft and other trusted third parties.
  • Boost your knowledge by reading further, relevant information.


  • Use dynamically generated scripts to fix identified issues in just a few clicks.
  • Run scripts over your entire estate.

Export Scripts

  • Export the scripts you’ve created within Advise and use them elsewhere.

Compare (formerly OmniCompare)

Take the first step to diagnose your performance issues. With more than 50 built-in comparisons, analyze unlimited servers in multiple ways. Get a summary of where the differences are so you know where to start.

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Key features

50+ In-built Comparisons

  • Instantly compare differences across servers (up to 500). Check users, roles, security, configuration, databases, tables, indexes, stored procedures and more.
  • Rule out some false positives fast (such as differences with server names within jobs) with Compare’s included logic.

Compare results

  • Create snapshots of your servers and quickly compare differences between them, or a previously saved snapshot.
  • Identify differences, including between configuration and table schemas, in a highlighted view that you can filter by type.
  • Save snapshots so you have a bench mark for future comparisons, helping you standardise your estate and adding the detail you might miss between backups.

Compare against a snapshot
Custom comparisons

  • Add your own comparisons and run them across servers. Just specify the query to run and how the results should be compared from server to server.

Compare against a snapshot

Estate Management

Take control of your server estate today. Run health checks for common issues. Make your data meaningful. Share a workspace with your team. This is the place to set up your data for further analysis in the Compare and Advise modules.

Great if you:

Key features

Estate Management

  • Import your estate details in a way that works for you. Bulk add using SQL Browser, Management Studio’s registered servers, a CSV file, or add them manually
  • Get organized. Categorize, colour code, tag, add notes or free-text to your database so it’s meaningful to you and your colleagues. When issues arise in the future, or you want to perform an action to a whole group of servers, you’ll be able to get to the task much faster.
  • View at a glance what’s happening with your servers, with the Estate Dashboard.
  • Bookmark frequently selected servers so you can find them easily.

Categorize your servers
Health Checks

  • Use out-of-the-box health checks to diagnose common operational issues. Find out fast whether there’s something you need to fix, now.
  • Run your own custom queries against your entire estate (up to 500 servers).
  • Define how you want the results to be interpreted, so it’s more meaningful to you.

Health check results
Profile Management

  • Store your estate details with confidence, in an encrypted and password-protected profile store.
  • Share your profile store with your team. This means you only need to setup your details once, can share a workspace and deploy changes as a group.

Profile creation


Once you’ve set up your details in the Estate module, use this powerful tool to run scripts across your entire database.

Key features

Run Scripts

  • Run scripts across all your servers.
  • Select the servers you want to run scripts against or use the Estate bookmarks to find frequently used servers, then just press F5.

Select your servers
Result Overview

  • See the results of your query across all the servers you applied it to, in one place.
  • Multiple options for viewing and aggregating query results.

View results
Export Results

  • Save query results to CSV or tab separated files.
  • Share your findings with the team for reporting, information and more.

Export results